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Strategic planning for fashion & beauty business owners ready to maximize profits with Facebook ads. 

"Can't my business still grow boosting a Facebook post and clicking promote on Instagram?" 


It might.

But you may not get the best results if you don't...

  • Outline an effective strategy for your business’ goals and set measurable objectives for the desired outcome.

  • Sharpen your research towards finding out how your marketing can be different.

  • Have a good creative to persuade your audience to take action.

  • Optimize your advertising strategy for a higher return on your investments.

Still not sure how Facebook works?

Don't worry.

That's exactly why I'm here.

You know Facebook ads are a huge part of an EFFECTIVE marketing strategy. But you’re not 100% sure how to make them truly work for you in your own business!

That’s what I do, and that’s what I love.



Identify New Customers

To start off on the right foot, we will introduce  your brand and products to a Lookalike audience based on your past customers. 

Warm Audience

Now that we've introduced ads to acquire new customers, We'll need to recover those lost sales from abandoned shopping carts. We will run carousel ads with an incentive (a percentage off or free shipping) to  give your prospect a reason to return to your site to purchase.

Behavior Retargeting

From there, we’ll structure your content around people who have already been exposed to your brand in some capacity and who have expressed at least some level of interest. This may consist of people that have visited your site and viewed a product but did not buy.

Past Customers

So what about your past customers? So glad you asked.  As long as you delivered on promises made, there’s a real chance they’ll consider making a return visit. That's where we'll cross-sell or upsell items that complement their previous purchase.

How it works

A 4 step sneak peak to setting up your sales funnel using Facebook

So how much will it cost?

To be successful in producing a desired result, you should budget a minimum of $1,200 to invest into your ads. This will allow us to see what works for your business so that you’ll be able to generate a steady source of conversions for your store. We'll require a one-time setup fee of $2,595 to get your account setup correctly and create a foundation to grow your online business. 

Got it, what happens next?

​Once we've manage your ads for a month, we'll review your results together, and identify ways to scale your ads. We'll then see if we are able to retain you on as a client on a monthly basis to effectively manage and optimize your ads for you.

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