Sunday, April 27, 2014

True Match

Wearing Makeup Forever #36 Rouge Artist Instense and L'Oreal True Match in Cocoa

Finding the perfect foundation to match your skin can leave you with a lot of money lost for unused makeup. I mean, when it is applied by the rep from the beauty counter it always seems to be the perfect match. Then it takes the day you wear it from home and realize that it is too dark or too light. I'm a girl that love options and I don't mind trying new things even when I'm content with wearing the same foundation for the rest of my life. I started out with Bobbi Brown, then MAC, and then Makeup Forever, each were good for a while until I found something better. When it came to picking out a drug store brand I just wouldn't waste my time. I figured if I couldn't get a sample then there is no reason to go that route, until I had no choice but to buy it when I was out of town and left my liquid makeup bag at home. Long story short, I haven't worn anything else since I've tried L'Oreal True Match. (see recent blog post here) The moral of the story is don't knock it until you try it. A little of this "True Match" foundation can go a long way and is my go to for full coverage. Do you have a foundation you swear by? If so, leave me a comment on some of your fav's.

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