Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swipe or Save- Lace-up Strappy Heels

Source: Brooklyn Blonde

Swipe or Save

The day I felt I had fashion angels by my side, was the day I found these leopard print lace-up strappy sandal from Zara. It was the last pair and surprisingly my size. For $100 compared to Jimmy Choo's version, it was definitely a deal. I love the way lace-up strappy  heels  lengthens your legs and how chic it looks  when paired with boyfriend jeans.

For Aquazzara Cruise 2013 Collection, they added multi-colored snake print to the equation and called her Amazon. Even though the print is Spring friendly,  I would prefer to go with a more classic nude (like Fashion Blogger, Brooklyn Blonde) or black color. This time around, I found an haute resemblance of their Amazon version from Shoemint. Yes ma'am, when I received the email with their new arrivals I couldn' help but share it with you guys.

Now you know the drill, would you swipe your card for $595 Aquazzaura heels
or save your money and purchase Shoemint Romy heels for $99.98

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