Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

I know I'm like 2 days late but as a Mother, we should hear this more than one day out of the year. 
"Happy Mother's day"
I woke up to a cute poem from my daughter with a lot of great adjectives that included the word "fashionista". She knows her mom well :) This reminds me of the letter she wrote me a couple of years ago that I greatly appreciate (read letter here).  
Before stepping out, I took a few pictures and realized that I wasn't to fond on how this shirt fits me. I love the print and the fact that it is oversized but it just doesn't compliment me as much as I would like. I wore it once during Fashion Week (see pic here) and it would have been twice on Mother's day but decided to make a quick change before stepping out to the movies. Thanks to the new shopping app, Poshmark, I am now able to share my closet of items that I love that I no longer wear anymore, like this shirt. Follow me on Poshmark @prettyhaute to see my weekly updates.

After watching Ironman 3 in 3D, Kelis and I indulged in a delicious dessert after dinner. 

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