Friday, April 12, 2013

Essence Beauty Matchmaker

I have a confession, I've never purchased any beauty products unless I was able to sample it first. At one point, all my products were solely from MAC Cosmetics, but since Sephora opened, I have been crowned the "sample before you buy queen". I recently sampled Sephora's Makeup-Forever HD Foundation in shade 178.  I absolutely love it, but now that we are getting warmer weather I want to focus on protecting my skin and move on from the highly favored tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier.

Yesterday, while browsing through Facebook, I noticed a link from that featured beauty products for African American Women of all shades. I was stuck between to shades (Gabrielle Union or Viola Davis). Since the Makeup-Forver HD foundation shade that is offered to Gabrielle Union is 177, I figured I would most likely be catered to the beauty products that are similar to Viola Davis. The Beauty Matchmaker is easy to navigate with 3 steps to get you the best foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadow that flatters your skin complexion.

 [Without having to sample it first]

Here are my results

Essence Beauty Matchmaker

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