Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Graphic Gap Tooth

Do you guys remember the Big lip, gap toothed post I did a year ago? 
Well, my recent beauty post on huffingtonpost.com put me back to reality. When you're given the chance to have other people give a public opinion about your apperance, it can either lift you up or put you down. However, I choose to turn any negative comments to a positive. Yes, at times, I think of getting braces. Heck, my daughter wasn't blessed with the best teeth either and because I was able to have the option to correct her teeth, she's been wearing braces for almost 3 years. (Not to mention how  her friends thinks she's cool for having them.) The reason I would ever get braces are more for my slight overbite and not for my gap. I love my smile and if I wake up one morning and take a trip to the orthodontist with a change of heart, it won't be because someone told me to. It will be for my personal preference. So for now, I am going to just embrace in what others may think is one of my flaws. 
In honor of anyone that is sporting a gap tooth, this post goes out for you! 
I love this sweatshirt from Aloha from Deer but unfortunately, they're not sold in the US. 

But of course, when in doubt, shop Zara. I can't wait to get mines in the mail.

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