Monday, October 1, 2012

Juice Box

Have you ever said to yourself while being hungover that you'll never have another drink again? How about after looking at your bills, you say to yourself  "I'm not buying any more clothes or shoes, I need to start saving"? Just so you know, you're not the only one, join the club. In my case, I had one exception and it's LEATHER! I went to Goodwill for a search of leather pants and to my luck, I scored a leather pant, high waist  leather culottes and a high waist pleated leather skater skirt. Oh, and I can't forget an oversized oxblood blazer, all for just $21.00!! Cha-Ching $$$ (pics of my recent find will be post later, stay tuned.
Urban Outfitter Jacket and Fanny Pack, Juice Box tee, American Eagles denim, Steve Madden boots

If you're into fun graphic tees like me, then check out JUICEBOX on Instagram
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