Monday, October 1, 2012

Be Ecleptic.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I have no photographer and I was running late to an appointment.

Moving from Miami to Delaware is quite a big change of what my lifestyle use to be.  I almost thought there was not much hope at all for fashion or even a social life for me. The malls were dull, I always felt overdressed and most importantly, the nightlife ended at 1am. Within six months, a friend and I created a night for the LGBT community  which caused a frenzy every Sunday night. We had Delaware, Philly and even Baltimore patrons to come out and party with us, then Winter happened. This was another drastic change that I had to be accustomed to. So I was back to square one in dull and "no where to shop at" Dela-Where?

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To make a long story short, that didn't stop me from making the best of my move. If you can't beat them, join them. I started being more social and meeting new people, which in turn, opened more doors and opportunities and now, my annual networking and fashion event. Thanks to Instagram, I was able to meet Terrence "Trapp" Anthony Maurice, CEO and designer of Ecelptic Fame. I know what you're thinking, I spelled Eclectic wrong, but in this case it's okay. It caught your attention, and that's exactly their vision of Ecleptic Fame. This brand is for the vibrant individual that can embody their slogan: Be Creative. Be Original. Be You. Be Ecleptic.

"Why be normal, that's why it's not Ecletic!" - Terrence Maurice
F21 knitted beanie and Feather clip and high waist faux leather shorts, Silvano shades, Keds
See more of Ecleptic Fame here

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