Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAC-Me Beauty-ful

Hello guys, how was your weekend? I enjoyed my Saturday with a little retail therapy, makeup therapy that is.  The last time I went to purchase makeup from MAC Cosmetics, I was introduced to their new FACE and BODY collection. Part of this collection includes a shade brush, contour brush and a sculpting cream.  I didn't realize until I did further research and learned that the rep provided incorrect information about my purchase. I was told the 215 Medium Shading Brush is to contour your nose and the 163 Flat Contour Brush is to contour your cheeks and anything else your heart desires (Insert Side eye here). Well, prior to writing this post, I read that the shading brush is used for the eye to apply powder or cream eyeshadow. That explains why I had to use the 224 Tapered Blending Brush to achieve a smoother finish. Nevertheless, I got the job done and was ready to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday.
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Top to Bottom:
Pro Sculpting Cream (Richly Honed),  215 Medium Shading Brush, 163 Flat Contour Brush
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