Monday, November 21, 2011

Freezing for Versace

They were in line from 10pm Thursday night
...and here are 2 guys that were in line from 12am.

Well, hello there!
Please forgive me for my abstinence. Let's get straight to the nitty gritty...

Thursday night around 7pm I got a text from a friend that informed me that the Versace for H&M debut will open at 8am, which means instead of me being in line at 6am, like I originally planned I had to be there at least 4am to be the first 280 people to RSVP. I got there at 5am and surprisingly, there were less than 100 freezing ladies and gents standing in 34degree weather.

Two hours later we were given a band to put around our wrist that indicated what time they would allow our reserved shopping. I had a light purple band that allowed me to shop for 15 mins starting at 9:25. The more I watched the inventory decrease, the more I became discourage to leave with anything on my wish list. The leather jacket was out of the question, that was out within the first 30 mins of opening. Once they gave us the go to shop, I went straight to the last black fur vest.

NecklaceSkirtFaux fur vest, Leggings, &  Silk dress
This may be my favorite purchase from this collection. They didn't sale the belt at the Philadelphia location so I plan to attach a strap to this necklace to make this functional as a belt.

Christmas came a month early!!

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