Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tickets are on Sale!

Hey guys! I've been extremely busy organizing Only The Style Survive but I'm sure you guys understand. I have completed the Official Website for the event and Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

If you live in Delaware or within the surrounding Tri-State area then please take advantage of the Early Bird Special, ONLY $10. Once the limited tickets for our Early Bird Special have sold out then the Pre-Advance tickets for  General Admission will be $15. Our VIP tickets are also on sale today for just $25. With your purchase you will have full access to our VIP Lounge, an exclusive VIP bag full of wonderful goodies along with your complimentary glass of wine and delicious cupcake.

Ahem, now because we have built a relationship here and I feel I can talk to you guys about anything, I think it's safe to draw attention to the before and after pictures. My makeup before noon looks so smooth and refreshed but take a look at the after picture. I had a long day and it was boiling outside.
 I look like a grease ball, don't I? 
Remember we're friends now, you can be honest. :)

Click HERE to view the official site to Only The Style Survive
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