Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Blog Award & Sofa King Hawt

I received 2 blogger awards from Julia Catherine and the lovely ladies from Femmes with Benefits.
Thank you guys so much, I appreciate the love.

Rules: 7 Facts & nominate 15 Bloggers

Pretty Haute Facts
1. I still remember my Myspace password
2. Calorie counter
3. I have tried almost every hair style, even shaved my hair
4. Haitian parents but do not speak creole
5. I will be hosting my first fashion event September 17th, 'Only The Style Survive'
6. I may be the only person you know that got kicked off the plane, I mean in the air made a whole U-turn to land just to escort me.
7. It was not my fault!

15 Pretty Haute Blogs
1. MariloĆ©
2. Rush Our Fashion
3. My Modest Mouth Blog
4. ♒Age Of An AQUARIUS 1|24
5. A dIvAmOms Journey
6. Stylish Thought 
7.moxie chick

9. PocketsandBows
10. The Man Repeller
14. Mijourne
15. Editor & Chic

Special S/O to my SOFA KING HAWT feature on 
My Modest Mouth Blog.

Make sure you guys check out the recent post here and how you can be the next Sofa King Hawt Haute Gal
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