Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lady Danger

I stopped to snap a picture in front of this cool brick wall just blocks away from where I live, the corner store to be exact. Speaking of corner stores, I'm from the south and we call any small one-stop shop in the neighborhood "the corner store" so when someone tried to tell me that the correct term is "The Bodega" I had to let them know, tomato...tomatoe. That's what they say in New York, not in Miami.

What do you call your neighborhood mini mart?
H&M sheer blouse, American Eagle cargo slouchy skinnies, Steve Madden shoes, Vintage earrings

 I love this matte lip color from Mac, it looks quite red but it's more on the orange side.
Good bye Ruby Woo, time to make room for "Lady Danger"

Before I started my long day I stopped to Mikimotos for lunch, Miso soup and a California roll.
MmmMmm Good.

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