Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I went to the Arts.Beats.&Eats (Toy Drive)  in Philadelphia this past Sunday and was blown away from all the talent in the building. The event allows young entrepreneurs to socialize and network about their desired careers as an artist, designer, model and/or photographer. It is held every first Sunday of the month.

Speaking of photographers, my sidekick/photographer was M.I.A. which means I had to multi-task.

Jewelry Designer , I couldn't help myself. I had to make a purchase.
Can you believe that this necklace was only $26.00??
The prices are low as $8.00

Handmade earrings

Fashion Designer - Brittany DeShields

Missfit Vintage


I had no idea that I would be called to speak..but I did. Eeek!

The man himself, Curran. Make sure you check out his blog

Thrifted blouse & leather skirt (mentioned here).
F21 earrings & belt.H&M ring. Candie's laced up boots
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